Farm Disaster Assistance


    Telephone Aid for Farmers

    Dozens of free telephone response lines are available across the country. To find out the resources available, call the number listed for your state.

    State Department of Agriculture(877) 862-5870
    Rural Route 2(800) 468-1834
    Iowa Concern(800) 477-1985
    Financial questions, legal issues, family transitions
    Farm On(800) 447-1985
    Program to match beginning and retiring farmers
    Mediation Service(515) 223-2318
    Ag Mediation Services(800) 321-3276
    Farm First(877) 363-3659
    Rural Crisis Center(573) 449-1336
    Farm Net (800) 327-6002
    Rural Response Line (800) 555-6466
    Department of Agriculture(800) 967-2474
    First Call(800) 543-7709
    Farm/Rural Response Hotline(800) 464-0258
    Farm Mediation Service(800) 446-4071
    New York:
    FarmNet/AgRESOLVE (800) 547-3276
    North Carolina:
    Land Cross Prevention Project(919) 682-5969
    North Dakota:
    Agricultural Mediation Services(800) 642-4752
    Mental Health Helpline(800) 472-2911
    Agricultural Mediation Program(800) 248-5465
    IFMAPS(800) 522-3755
    Farm Resource Center(800) 851-4719
    South Dakota:
    Agricultural Finance Counseling(800) 228-5254
    Farm Crisis Hotline(800) 691-4336
    West Virginia:
    Farm Resource Center(800) 851-4719
    Farm Assistance Hotline(800) 942-2474

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