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    July 25, 2001:
    Drought concerns WI farmers
    Continuing drought challenges upper Midwest farmers.

    April 9, 2001:
    U.S. addresses drought concerns
    This summer could be a wakeup call for state leaders who think drought is someone else's problem, according to members of the National Drought Council.

    April 2, 2001:
    'Bio-bugs' could avert crop loss
    Scientists are creating better bugs that could save crops.

    January 12, 2001:
    'Going organic' could strengthen family farms
    An increasing number of family-scale farmers in the U.S. are 'going organic.'

    January 8, 2001:
    Hay brings hope to Nebraska farms
    A three-year drought meant Alfred and Delores Knispel managed to harvest only five bales of hay this year -- not enough to feed even one cow for a week.

    December 26, 2000:
    Growers question corn approval
    After genetically altered StarLink corn ended up in taco shells and other foods, some growers believe it should never have been approved in the first place, even for industrial uses.

    November 10, 2000:
    Better drought response urged
    The fledgling Interim National Drought Council is a lot like drought itself: it comes on slowly but after hanging around long enough it may dramatically change lives.

    October 5, 2000:
    Delaware feuds over chicken waste
    The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and the Delaware Nutrient Management Commission (DNMC) disagree about how to reduce waste runoff from concentrated animal feeding operations (CAFOs).

    September 15, 2000:
    Drought hits KS hard
    The crop outlook in Kansas is bad, but it could get a lot worse.

    September 11, 2000:
    Drought stresses trees in Southeast
    Three years of below-average rainfall in the Southeast has killed millions of trees and made millions more susceptible to insect infestations, fungi, and other maladies.

    August 15, 2000:
    Weather plagues Michigan farmers
    Excessive rain, high winds, hail, a warm winter and a late frost have conspired to make this a difficult year for Michigan farmers.

    August 14, 2000:
    Gypsy moths devour trees
    The oak-devouring gypsy moth caterpillar has made a resurgence in Maryland forests and has also invaded Lake County, IL.

    July 25, 2000:
    Drought-stricken farmers get aid
    Drought in the Midwest and across the southern tier of the United States has the attention of the federal government.

    July 25, 2000:
    'Payback' hearings postponed
    U.S. Secretary of Agriculture Dan Glickman has ordered a postponement of current efforts to force South Dade farmers to pay back mistakenly-awarded disaster relief grants, some dating as far back as 1995.

    July 14, 2000:
    Savvy tree farmers prepare for disaster
    "The big blast was the 1938 hurricane that leveled most of the state," recalled Ken Young, a Nashua, NH-based tree farmer. Young said the windy menace made tree farmers in The Granite State think about protecting their crops.

    June 30, 2000:
    Wet season slows mid-Atlantic harvest
    Rain is falling again in the Mid-Atlantic. The drought of 1999 ended decisively in almost all areas. Now too much precipitation contributes to woes of farmers.

    June 30, 2000:
    Commission calls for 'drought readiness'
    The National Drought Policy Commission's (NDPC) new report lists 'preparedness' as the key point in handling drought emergencies.

    June 28, 2000:
    Nebraska farmers face relief challenges
    Seventeen counties in Nebraska are now disaster areas, including all contiguous counties.

    June 28, 2000:
    Drought withers crops, increases fire risks
    Drought is withering crops and causing dangerous fire-prone conditions across the nation.

    June 15, 2000:
    Drought withers southeastern U.S.
    Drought is withering crops and causing dangerous fire-prone conditions across the nation.

    June 15, 2000:
    Hay brings rural lifeline to farms
    A Church of the Brethren tractor-trailer recently delivered the last load of hay to drought-stricken farmers in West Virginia.

    June 10, 2000:
    Wisconsin crops destroyed by floods
    Flooding has destroyed much of the corn and soy crop in Crawford County, WS

    June 10, 2000:
    Rural brownfields are quiet disaster
    Brownfields are a quiet disaster that could be affecting thousands of people.


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